SimApt's mission is to enhance the effectiveness & efficiency of Marketing & Sales through solutions that are

'Simple' & 'Apt'

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'CXO's Blog' has been conceptualized with the intent to educate the students and working professionals of Marketing & Sales through the experience, expertise, insights, predictions and learnings of Business Leaders.

CXO's Blog is blessed with articles from the Business Leaders across multiple industries

It's a 'Thought- Leadership Platform' created to benefit the students of marketing & sales.

'Marketers Learn to Blog (ML2B)' is a program designed by Vidwaan aimed at providing a dedicated platform to future marketing leaders to experience the art of blogging.

The program will help the students to express themselves and improve their communication skills. It will also help them to boost their professional profile and get noticed.

This program will enable the students to learn the art of articulation and develop logical thinking and analytical skills, which are essential skills for a successful corporate career are.

Here, students will be able to hone their creativity and develop an original thought process by creating unique content.

This platform can catapult students in building their own community and engage in meaningful civilised discourse by exchanging thoughts and ideas. Students can look forward to creating and expand their circle of direct and indirect influence

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